A Business Snapshot: Maxiim & Skuvue

Maxiim is an award-winning distribution expert with over ten years’ experience in agile supply chain logistics. In 2005 they won the Deloitte Fast50 Rising Star award and in 2008 they were a finalist in the Enterprise 250 Awards for Most Focussed E250 Business. In 2009 they were a finalist in the PC Retail Awards in the Specialist Distributor & Sales Innovation category, following it up with a European Business Award Ruben d’Honneur award for The Atradius Growth Strategy of the year.

All of these exciting awards have celebrated their enthusiasm and efficiency in business, while recognising their innovation within the logistics and supply chain industry. Creating Skuvue is the next step in their innovative strategy to be one of the most enterprising and forward-thinking supply chain businesses in the industry.


What Expertise did Maxiim bring to Skuvue?

Maxiim introduced Drop Shipping in 2005 – working with insurance companies, shipping goods direct to their end users. In 2009, as Maxiim’s reputation for service grew, the company added Shop Direct and JD Williams to their portfolio. Maxiim’s complete integration solution enabled the company to provide drop ship solutions to Tesco, helping them to sell and distribute consumer electronics, sport and fitness products, car tech and musical instruments, both in store and online. Recently Maxiim has added ‘Click and collect’ features to the process.  Their strong relationship with one of the biggest retailers in the country has continued to this day. This reputation as a dynamic and professional distributor has helped Maxiim to build commercial relationships with other retailers, including ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Freemans, Shop Direct and more.

The inspiration for the Skuvue platform came from our creative team who saw the commercial success of Maxiim, but realised there were opportunities to streamline the processes behind listing new product ranges. Frustrations rose up out of the time-consuming nature of listing products with retailers; retailers were concerned with productivity and efficiency levels; buyers wanted instant sales and a way to track them; marketing teams needed a way to view bestselling products and collaborate with suppliers during promotional events. All of these needs – and restrictions – created a desire for something better. For something smooth, flexible, agile and integrated.

What Is The Skuvue Mission?

Skuvue is an invaluable business tool for suppliers and retailers throughout Europe; a multi-platform service portal providing end-to-end supply chain capabilities. We have developed original user apps and interactive dashboards that help to connect departments within a business and allow them to collaborate with colleagues and stakeholders on important sales decisions. The mission of Skuvue is to assist suppliers and retailers to use the Skuvue platform to make better business decisions, improve marketing strategies and to share knowledge of business performance across channels and throughout their organisations. All in the style and format you want to see it in!

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