Speed of Fulfilment is a Crucial Factor in Successful Supply Chains

According to Access, fulfilling orders quickly was the biggest challenge for 40 per cent of companies surveyed by the company for their white paper ‘Breaking the Fulfilment Speed Barrier.’ In this modern eCommerce-driven economy, speed and accuracy of the fulfilment process are crucial factors that can make suppliers stand out from the rest. Moreover, quick fulfilment of orders can influence buyer behaviour and in the end, win or lose business for suppliers and retailers.

Most consumers, especially those buying online, would expect Same Day or Next Day Delivery as standard. This expectation, along with suppliers becoming reticent to hold stock is likely to increase pressure on supply chains to log orders instantly and get customers’ purchases out the door within a matter of minutes.

To maintain a competitive edge in eCommerce, suppliers must be able to meet the demands of this fast-paced environment, while keeping supply chain costs low. Although quick fulfilment may seem like a concern for your warehouse, that couldn’t be further from the truth; speedy fulfilment relies on easy communication between supplier and retailer, as well as seamless integration between purchasing and enrolment systems. Successful supply chains rely on communication, collaboration and integration to get ahead in the industry.

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Where does Skuvue fit in?

If speed of fulfilment is essential to supply chain business success, as a supplier or a retail you can’t afford to fall behind in up-to-date order management processes. That’s where the Skuvue platform comes in. Skuvue will seamlessly integrate with your supply chain systems, allowing you to load new products, manage orders, track transactions and monitor sales – all on one handy platform. Skuvue allows suppliers and retailers to communicate easily with each other, list new product ranges with minimal hassle and fulfil orders quickly.

Streamlined, secure & speedy – that’s Skuvue.

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