The Supply Chain Dream: Omni-channel Retail Logistics

As more and more consumers buy online and digital transformations grow the e-commerce sphere, retailers are discovering omni-channel retail logistics is becoming the way forward to meet the supply chain needs of the changing e-commerce environment. ‘Connected Consumers’ are digital-savvy and when they buy a product they tend to have already researched the product via other channels before purchase. This is why many retailers are seeking to use specialised supply chain software that allows retailers to populate all channels simultaneously and monitor those channels all in one place.

Creating omni-channel retailing mainly involves all shopping channels having the same database of products, prices and promotions, thus allowing consumers to experience the brand across all retail channels. So, if a customer visits the brick-and-mortar store, the online web store (whether via tablet, mobile or desktop), or other avenues such as Groupon promotions or Google Shopping, the consumer would expect to see the same data and the same level of customer support on all channels. Continue reading