A Business Snapshot: Maxiim & Skuvue

Maxiim is an award-winning distribution expert with over ten years’ experience in agile supply chain logistics. In 2005 they won the Deloitte Fast50 Rising Star award and in 2008 they were a finalist in the Enterprise 250 Awards for Most Focussed E250 Business. In 2009 they were a finalist in the PC Retail Awards in the Specialist Distributor & Sales Innovation category, following it up with a European Business Award Ruben d’Honneur award for The Atradius Growth Strategy of the year.

All of these exciting awards have celebrated their enthusiasm and efficiency in business, while recognising their innovation within the logistics and supply chain industry. Creating Skuvue is the next step in their innovative strategy to be one of the most enterprising and forward-thinking supply chain businesses in the industry.


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Speed of Fulfilment is a Crucial Factor in Successful Supply Chains

According to Access, fulfilling orders quickly was the biggest challenge for 40 per cent of companies surveyed by the company for their white paper ‘Breaking the Fulfilment Speed Barrier.’ In this modern eCommerce-driven economy, speed and accuracy of the fulfilment process are crucial factors that can make suppliers stand out from the rest. Moreover, quick fulfilment of orders can influence buyer behaviour and in the end, win or lose business for suppliers and retailers.

Most consumers, especially those buying online, would expect Same Day or Next Day Delivery as standard. This expectation, along with suppliers becoming reticent to hold stock is likely to increase pressure on supply chains to log orders instantly and get customers’ purchases out the door within a matter of minutes. Continue reading

The Supply Chain Dream: Omni-channel Retail Logistics

As more and more consumers buy online and digital transformations grow the e-commerce sphere, retailers are discovering omni-channel retail logistics is becoming the way forward to meet the supply chain needs of the changing e-commerce environment. ‘Connected Consumers’ are digital-savvy and when they buy a product they tend to have already researched the product via other channels before purchase. This is why many retailers are seeking to use specialised supply chain software that allows retailers to populate all channels simultaneously and monitor those channels all in one place.

Creating omni-channel retailing mainly involves all shopping channels having the same database of products, prices and promotions, thus allowing consumers to experience the brand across all retail channels. So, if a customer visits the brick-and-mortar store, the online web store (whether via tablet, mobile or desktop), or other avenues such as Groupon promotions or Google Shopping, the consumer would expect to see the same data and the same level of customer support on all channels. Continue reading

What is Skuvue?

Skuvue is a fully integrated drop ship and fulfilment platform that will transform the relationship between retailers and suppliers. The Skuvue platform allows suppliers to promote new products and ranges, while retailers can easily list new products using optimised, store-ready content. Forget months of communication, lengthy negotiations and time-consuming product enrolment processes – Skuvue has it all covered.

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